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Do your pooch a favour and make sure to read the fine print..

Furry Fit Terms & Conditions

Swim & Run Adventure packs:


The Swim and Run group adventure service runs in a six week package. Unless a previous agreement is made, payment for the six week package is to be paid in full by the due date listed on the invoice.

If a client is joining a six week package part way through, the client will only be invoiced for the remaining weeks of that current package.

If a client would like to add any extra casual days that were not part of the original six week package they were invoiced for, these extra days will be charged as a ‘drop in casual run’. This is an extra charge of $35 per client (For Furry Fit clients already signed up to the current package).

Drop in casual runs are charged as $40 per run for new clients, not signed up to any existing package.


Once a six week package has been paid for, that is a non-refundable amount, it is a six week commitment as that space is held each week for that client’s dog.

Packages are customisable, for example if your dog will be away for some days/weeks during a six week package and unable to attend walks, then these changes can be made prior to the invoice being sent out. Clients will only be charged for the days they need if notice is given prior to the package starting.

If Furry Fit needs to cancel a walk, credits will be added to your account or make-up walks will be changed to a different day where possible.

Furry Fit does not generally swap days for clients as there is only so many spaces each day for the group exercise sessions and care needs to be taken when considering dynamics and temperaments of dogs as well as pickup locations, by signing your dog up, you agree to a set day/s for the entirety of the six week package, occasionally a day can be swapped if needed but this needs to be discussed and agreed upon.

If your dog is on heat, has an accident, falls ill etc and will be absent from the walks in a six week package where possible Furry Fit can try to place your dog on some make up days however this is not usually possible and unfortunately no refund is given for these circumstances.


Furry Fit does not operate the group dog walking sessions on Public Holidays. If your walk falls on a Public Holiday as part of your package, unfortunately it is not refundable, nor are you able to change days/make up days.

WET WEATHER- Furry Fit group exercise sessions run in wet weather if it is safe to do so. On occasion a session may be cut short due to wet weather/storms etc. On occasion a session may be cancelled due to extreme wet weather/storms. If this happens, a credit for the same value of the missed walk  will be applied to your account.



House Sitting and Stay n’Play House Visits:

PAYMENT- Payment is to be made by the due date on the invoice sent. There is a 20% discount on bookings made for seven days or more.

-If sitter needs to arrive before 3pm on first day it is charged as a full day price ($50), if sitter needs to leave after 5pm on last day it is charged as a full day ($50).


- A 50% non refundable deposit will be kept if cancellation is made less than 24 hours before the start of a Stay n’play visit or a house sitting stay.

- If you arrive home early and do not inform Furry Fit, a cancellation fee of 50% will be charged for the cancelled Stay n’Play visit.

-If Furry Fit needs to cancel a Stay n’Play or house sitting service, a full refund will be given to the client.


-50% surcharge for any house sits and stay n’play visits that occur on any Public Holiday.


  • A flat fee of $20 will be charged if a sitter needs to return back to a client’s house at a later date solely to return a key.


If you would like your dog to join our group exercise sessions during a house sitting service, they will be charged an extra $40 for that service on top of the house sitting fee

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